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Independent economic analysis and advice

KHSK Economic Consultants is a team of independent economic consultants in Ireland that provides independent economic advice and analysis to a range of clients. Economics is about applying a structured and logical way of thinking.  It deals with the facts and builds logical arguments to reach sustainable conclusions. This approach can be used in many situations, not just in relation to the macroeconomic issues that get so much coverage in the general media.  It is just as applicable to commercial business situations as to the challenges that confront policy makers and those engaged in local and regional development.

Economics is a specialism and most organisations do not have the required skills and experience in-house.  That’s where economic consultants come in.


economic consultants in Ireland


KHSK Economic Consultants was established as an independent consultancy in 1996.  It has since undertaken economic consultancy in a wide range of areas either as lead consultant or in larger teams where specialist input is required.  Over the years, KHSK has built a strong reputation for providing extensive and well researched written reports.



Clients have included:

    • Government Departments;
    • State Agencies;
    • Local Authorities;
    • Representative Associations;
    • Semi-state companies; and
    • Private firms in a range of sectors.

For over 25 years the consultancy has been providing in depth and concise written reports and presentations to clients on many of the most important issues that impact on Irish economic performance.  The work areas have varied but there has been a general focus over the years on areas such as:

    • Investment appraisal with a particular emphasis on Economic Impact studies, Multi-Criteria Analysis and Socioeconomic Cost Benefit Analysis;
    • The contribution of sectors such as tourism, forestry and renewable energy to regional development in Ireland;
    • Preparation of appraisals in compliance with the Public Spending Code;
    • Competition and Regulatory Economic Impact Analysis;
    • The role of supporting infrastructure such as transport, education, communications and waste management on economic performance; and
    • The role of manpower and skills development in economic growth.


Dr. Kevin Hannigan

Kevin Hannigan is Managing Partner of KHSK Economic Consultants which he established as an independent economic consultancy over 25 years ago. Kevin has also worked as a researcher in academia and in the public and private sectors. This career included positions as an economics lecturer and researcher in the University of Ulster and NUI Maynooth, as a research economist at the National Economic and Social Council, and as Head of Research at the Irish Management Institute.

Kevin has a wide range of consulting experience either as lead consultant or as part of teams on joint projects in such formats as best serves the requirements of the client and the issue in question. His main areas of expertise are regional and industrial development, evaluation, policy appraisal and cost benefit analysis.  Download a CV for Kevin here.


Recent Projects

Recently completed projects include the following:

    • Economic Appraisal of Proposed Development of Grand Canal Dock.
    • Blue Economy Indicators for Ireland.
    • Analysis of the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund in the Context of Sports Funding in Ireland.
    • Expert Reports in respect of Word Perfect Translation Services Ltd v Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.
    • Economic Analysis of Proposals in the DECC Consultation Paper on Ireland‚Äôs Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme and Supporting Documents.
    • Supporting Tourism Growth in Buckinghamshire: Economic Analysis of Performance and Supports (in association with Tomorrow’s Tourism).
    • Economic Appraisal of Proposed Development of St. Thomas‚Äôs Community Multisports Complex.
    • Economic Appraisal of Proposed Investment in a New Centre of Excellence at Irish Independent Park, Cork.
    • Review and Appraisal of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth ‚Äď An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland.
    • Analysis and Appraisal of the Economic Costs and Benefits of Relocating the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts‚Äô EU-Funded Activities to Ireland (in association with Mazars Consulting)
    • Review of Data, Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations in the Indecon Report on Irish Greyhound Racing Stadia.
    • Tourism Strategy for Co. Clare. Report to Clare County Council (in association with TEAM Tourism).
    • Economic Appraisal of the Planned Stadium Development at the Sportsground, Galway.
    • Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland Initiative.
    • The Socioeconomic Potential of Shared Living Accommodation in Ireland: An Opportunity to Contribute to the Needs of Ireland‚Äôs Housing Market.
    • Mid-term Review of the National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education 2015-19.
    • International Comparative Practice in the Approach to and Levels of Compensation of Property Owners in Proximity to High-Voltage Transmission Lines
    • Methodology and Data for Assessing the Talent Attractiveness of Selected Countries.
    • Regional Competitiveness Indicators for Ireland.
    • Cost Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Regional Reorganisation of the CIS and MABS Network


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