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KHSK Economic Consultants

Providing analysis and advice for over 25 years. Clients include Government Departments, Public Agencies, Local Authorities, Private Companies, and Representative Associations.

Kevin Hannigan

Dr. Kevin Hannigan is Managing Partner of KHSK Economic Consultants.

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We pride ourselves on providing rigorous analysis of issues and well written accessible reports for clients.  These are a few examples of recently completed projects.

Review of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: Ireland’s Integrated Marine Plan
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Socioeconomic Impact of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland Initiative
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International Comparative Practice in the Approach to and Levels of Compensation of Property Owners in Proximity to High-Voltage Transmission Lines
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Review of the Obstacles that Hindered the Planned Introduction of Pay by Weight Charging for Waste
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News and Commentary

Ireland's Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

Ireland’s Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

Ireland’s Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme has proven to be an effective and efficient mechanism and is due for renewal. Draft proposals for its revisions have given rise to concerns.

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Review of Harnessing our Ocean Wealth

Harnessing our Ocean Wealth, published in 2012, sets out a plan to assist Ireland in realising the enormous economic and social potential of its marine environment. What is this plan, how is the sector performing and where to from here?

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great lighthouses of Ireland

Economic Impact of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland

The Great Lighthouses of Ireland initiative, developed by Irish Lights and tourism agencies to promote the re-use of lighthouses as tourism attractions is having a notable economic impact on the lighthouses and surrounding areas.

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Dublin's Housing Affordability Gap

Dublin’s Housing Affordability Gap

Housing supply continues to lag demand. Much of the problem is a result of a gap between the cost of construction and what purchasers can afford.

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Compensation for Electricity Transmission Lines

The levels of compensation paid for electricity transmission infrastructure has long been a contentious issues that slows planning and construction. How does Ireland compare with other countries?

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Dublin's Housing Needs

Estimating Dublin’s Housing Needs

Housing demand is actually a relatively straightforward variable to estimate over the medium to long term. But there are concerning differences between estimates in official publications and those from other sources.

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health impacts of EMFs

Health Impacts of EMFs and Electricity Transmission Lines

Do overhead electricity transmission lines affect health? There have been a lot of claims made, but what does impartial, informed research actually conclude?

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talent attractiveness

A Talent Attractiveness Assessment of Ireland

Ireland has experienced instances of skill shortages. How well does the country perform in terms of its ability to attract and retain talent? We assessed the evidence.

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pay by weight

The Failure to Introduce Pay by Weight Charging for Waste

The introduction of Pay by Weight for waste collection should have been a relatively straightforward issue, but the outcome was very different. Why?

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