Social Value Policy

Independent economic analysis and advice

We are committed to contributing to a sustainable inclusive society where everyone has the chance of a better quality of life, through managing our operations in ways that optimise our value to the community in which we work.

This policy provides an effective framework for realising our commitment to maintaining and where possible enhancing the Social Value we create as an employer and a provider of services.



This policy applies to all our employees, associates, secondees, and third parties who undertake activity for and on our behalf.  It applies to the goods and services we procure, our direct operations and the services we provide to our clients.

All are responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy in accordance with our shared values of doing the right thing and building on success.



We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable society and to continually improve the positive impacts we make.  Our impact arises in three key areas:


      • Our supply chain and the goods and services we buy: We employ proactive attention to ethical practices to support, influence and secure social value from our suppliers, and we assess our suppliers to see how they promote employment, equity, fairness and economic sustainability while promoting environmental sustainability.  This forms part of our supplier evaluation process.
      • Our environmental impact: The key aspects where we may have a negative impact on the environment are office heating, travel, catering, IT and office supplies. We have a policy and systems in place to manage and reduce these impacts, including minimising travel for meetings and commuting, prohibition on disposable catering products, investment in insulation and sustainable heating, and incorporation into supply chain decisions.  We also invest in annual tree planting on land we manage.
      • Support for our local community: We make a positive contribution by providing office space, equipment and materials to voluntary, non-profit, local community organisations and by providing our time free of charge to selected local community organisations and to mentoring 2nd level school students.


We recognise also the need to communicate these vales to our suppliers, potential and existing employees and clients.  This is achieved through existing communication channels and our business plan.

In order for us to realise these commitments, our social value policy is overseen and implemented by senior management.  This policy also feeds into our planning processes and business plan.

This policy and the actions arising from it are reviewed annually as part of the business planning process.